May 18, 2007

Freelance Shame Squad

I love the sheer arrogance of people commenting on Jerry Falwell's death. And when I say that I love it, I mean that it bugs the hell out of me. "Hee hee! You're in hell! Hee hee!" As if they have any say as to who goes where, when they kick the bucket.

So, as a Christian, how do I feel about this exquisite dead guy? I've never been too crazy about him. He shot his mouth off way too much, and many of his statements were way off of the ol' Jesus mark. He was a part of the God[blessed], far-right conservative Christian posse that, frankly, just seems to completely miss the point more often than not. I don't mean to criticise, but there it is.

So, he's dead. Am I glad he's dead? Well, I try not to take pleasure in the deaths of other human beings. I'll leave it at that. Is he in hell? None of my business. Personally, though, I doubt it. If he really had a faith in Christ then, according to Christian belief, he's in Heaven. He certainly wasn't perfect, but God doesn't work that way. Imperfect assholes are getting into Heaven all the time. I hope to be one of them, someday. So, hopefully, I can hang out in Heaven with ol' Jerry and we can talk about all the stupid things we've said.

Hopefully, my list will be shorter than his.